Our Products Are #Zero Tox

To offer wellness products globally using natural minerals, certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients that are well documented to having healing properties. Chi Wellness Products is an Australian owned business committed to creating wellness products that are made using natural minerals and ancient essential oil remedies to help energise the body, while supporting the healing of an array of painful and discomforting body symptoms. Our products are for topical (transdermal) application only.

Chi = Magnesium

The body’s vital energy source Chiwellness Products are # ZeroTox proven not to contain toxic and harmful ingredients.

We Deliver

Pain Relief

Good Night Sleep – “Just like baby”

Skin Nourishment

Look Better

Feel Good

Our Testimonials

Nada Zeid

Excellent natural product that I recommend to everyone I used Chi bath bombs the lavender n peppermint reduced all my muscles n joint pain immediately so I won’t buy bath bombs from anywhere else anymore great product with very reasonable prices 👍👍

Clara Amey

Absolutely amazing! I bought two soaps for my mum for her birthday and she absolutely loves the smell! Amazing creations and will definitely buy again!

Amir M

Excellent products! Specifically I bought magnesium creme for my mother and loves it and it helped a lot with her back pain.
And chi bath salt helped to relax and healed her back.

Caitlyn Irivne

An amazing product. Not only does it smell incredible but truly helps to relax and heal you. I used the eucalyptus scented bath salts while sick with the flu and they helped to ease congestion and relax my sore muscles. Would highly recommend.

Caroline Khalil

Amazing products, the creme and bath salts were just what i needed for a stress head like me. Im actually relaxed enough to have a good night sleep.
Thank you

Ukeme Jameson

I and my family are very happy to use Chi Wellness Products. We were given a trial product to use for my son’s skin. (Chi Magnesium and Lavender Bath Ball). He had rashes on the joints of body. The bath salts were put in his bath water and after three days and night of use, our son’s skin became clearer and the itching stopped. This product is highly recommended

Rupi Mangal

Every summer, blisters on my feet is what I have been suffering for the last 13 to 14 years. After, I used Chi Wellness Products, whole suffering went away. My feet are clean, blister free and no itch on them. Thank you Chi. I love your products.

Chi Wellness Products are for external use, intended for the purpose to support relief for muscle, joint and body aches and pains. Chi Wellness Products do not claim to be medicinal or therapeutic or to treat, cure or prevent ill health.